Videos & Podcasts


Setting up a Mentoring Program (3:57)

This short video describes why mentoring matters and some challenges you may encounter when setting up a mentoring program.

The Benefits of Mentoring (2:05)

This video describes why mentoring is important and what some of its benefits are.

Tips for a Successful Mentoring Relationship (6:20)

This video will give you some pointers on how to create a successful mentoring relationship between mentor and mentee.

The Mentoring Partnership video (5:16)

Watch corporate partners, mentors and mentees share success stories about The Mentoring Partnership with video host Ratna Omidvar, president of Maytree and chair of TRIEC’s board of directors. The Mentoring Partnership is an award-winning TRIEC program that brings together recent skilled immigrants and established professionals in occupation-specific mentoring relationships. Since 2004, over 50 employers have become involved in the program. More than 1,000 matches are made each year.

Finding Talent

Produced by TRIEC, Finding Talent is a television-style narrative that uses a storytelling approach to present the hiring challenges faced by employers and the cultural biases they must overcome to attract and recruit skilled immigrants. Accessible online in 18 short segments, Finding Talent touches on the business case for companies to leverage the talents of skilled immigrants. Watch video.

Integrating Talent

It has been almost a year since Tarek, in Finding Talent, was hired at MetroCan Technologies, despite the initial reluctance of the hiring manager. For skilled immigrants, securing a job can be a challenge, but making it past the probation period can be even tougher considering companies’ unwritten rules of corporate culture. Available in 5 short segements, Integrating Talent showcases inclusive talent management practices for successfully integrating and growing skilled immigrant employees in the workplace. Watch video.


No Time Like Now (2009, 9 minutes – mp3 format)
Alan Broadbent, Chairman, Maytree
Difficult economic times create an imperative to maintain a high level of commitment to the successful integration of immigrants. As a leader in business and philanthropy, Alan Broadbent discusses the importance and timelineness of the work of ALLIES communities.

Immigration & Labour Market Trends (2009, 52 minutes – mp3 format)
Naomi Alboim, Maytree Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor, School of Policy Studies, Queen’s University
One of Canada’s leading policy experts on immigration issues analyzes the latest immigration statistics and trends and highlights relevant policy implications.