The website hireimmigrants.ca gives you the tools you need to find, recruit, retain and promote skilled immigrants. It answers key questions you may have about hiring skilled immigrants and gives you essential tools, including a cross-cultural interviewing guide and  workshops available for download.

Visit hireimmigrants.ca. You can also follow hireimmigrants.ca on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Roadmap on the hireimmigrants.ca website is an interactive step-by-step guide to assist in your human resources planning and practice, from recruiting to retaining skilled immigrants.

The Roadmap also explains how and where you can recruit skilled immigrant candidates, understand their credentials, find language training providers and more.

Your organization can now syndicate the Roadmap. If you would like to host the content as seen below please click here.

Watch this webinar which will walk you through the newly re-designed hireimmigrants.ca and the Roadmap tool, highlighting the site’s new navigation, new content and resources and tools.

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