Immigrant Employment Council of BC

The Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) stimulates the integration of skilled immigrant talent into BC’s workforce. As a champion of BC employers, our role is to foster solutions, build connections and be a catalyst to help employers compete and succeed. IEC-BC works directly with employers to develop innovative solutions, tools and resources to assist employers with hiring, attracting and on-boarding skilled immigrants into their workforces.

Supported by the Vancouver Foundation and funded through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement, the Immigrant Employment Council of BC connects employers with the talent they need, when they need it. IEC-BC develops collaborative partnerships with businesses, government and community partners to develop and deliver employer-facing solutions that give businesses an edge in an increasingly competitive economy.

BC is an international gateway for global commerce and immigration. Over 40,000 immigrants enter the province of BC each year and 100% of BC’s net labour growth currently comes from immigration. Shortages in skilled labour exist in all areas of the British Columbian economy and IEC-BC aims to identify and address gaps in the labour market while building awareness of the bottom-line advantages of hiring skilled immigrants.

In this video Prince George employers, service providers and government agencies talk about their experiences in attracting skilled immigrants to the north of British Columbia.