Hire Immigrants Ottawa

Hire Immigrants Ottawa (HIO) is a community-based initiative that brings together employers, immigrant agencies and other stakeholders to create employment opportunities for skilled immigrants in the Ottawa area. HIO’s objective is to increase the number of employers in Ottawa who hire skilled immigrants.

Ottawa is the fourth largest city in Canada and second largest in Ontario. From 2001-2006 the foreign-born population in Ottawa-Gatineau increased by nearly 10%.

Immigrants to Ottawa seek employment within a unique and challenging labour market context. As capital of the federal government, Ottawa’s employment opportunities have typically been concentrated within the public sector as well as in information and communication technology sectors. Ottawa has experienced limited economic diversification. In addition to the usual foreign credential recognition barriers experienced by immigrants, these job-seekers in Ottawa face additional hurdles in the form of language (bilingualism), citizenship and security requirements.

HIO will be focusing on implementing “workplace readiness” activities, managing a public awareness campaign, developing an employers guide for small and medium sized enterprise, and hosting an employer awards program.

Ottawa business leaders provide a compelling account of the reasons for hiring skilled immigrants.


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Employer’s Guide to Integrating Immigrants into the Workplace (pdf)
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