Niagara Immigrant Employment Council

The Niagara Immigrant Employment Council (NIEC) is a region-wide multi-stakeholder collaboration of businesses, community organizations, immigrants, occupational regulatory bodies and three levels of government. NIEC’s mission is to enhance Niagara’s diversity and economic prosperity by strengthening the region’s capacity to attract, recruit and retain internationally trained immigrants.

By 2011, Niagara will be largely dependent on internationally trained individuals for its labour force growth. Sectors such as healthcare and tourism are already experiencing critical needs for skilled employees. The problem will only become more acute because Niagara’s population growth is slowing as its population is aging, baby boomers are retiring and there is a low birth rate coupled with out-migration.

NIEC is at an early stage of development. NIEC’s first step is to develop a mentoring program for skilled immigrants in the Region.