London-Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council

Today’s shortage of skilled workers will only get worse.  The good news is that untapped talent is already here.    One in five Londoners are immigrants and most are professionally trained.

The London Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council (LMIEC) launched in 2008 as a business-led organization with the purpose to connect local employers to Canadian newcomers and, in turn, strengthen our local economy.

Today the LMIEC is an established organization linking employers to effective, no-cost tools and resources for recruiting, hiring and retaining skilled immigrants.   Together with our community partners, the LMIEC connects companies to top talent through:

  • Search tools to access pre-screened local and province-wide talent including specialized job boards, non-profit recruitment agency services, networking events, a regional job match network as well as volunteer placement programs.
  •  Mentoring programs that strengthen leadership, coaching and cross-cultural skills of existing staff.
  • Screening support for evaluating international credentials and language skills to help companies implement a new and more inclusive approach to recruiting.

The LMIEC has also become an invaluable knowledge sharing network of business leaders who have experienced the benefits of hiring globally.  Companies who have benefited from LMIEC participation and support continue to work with the Council to share successes, identify challenges and most importantly – shape the next solution.