Greater Halifax Partnership

ALLIES has awarded the Halifax Regional Municipality a Partnership Grant which is implementing a comprehensive employer awareness and engagement program. The initiative, led by the Greater Halifax Partnership, is raising

  • awareness and change perceptions about the benefits of hiring immigrants;
  • providing key decision-makers with the information they need to source, select, develop and welcome skilled immigrants to their workforce; and
  • increasing the business network of new immigrants so that they will be able to find employment in their areas of expertise through mentoring and the Connector Program.

The Connector Program will recruit “connectors” to refer immigrants to a minimum of three people in his/her network. Each of these people will be encouraged to refer the immigrant to another three professionals.

Halifax is the thirteenth largest city in Canada and the largest city in Nova Scotia. The province’s population is aging rapidly. In 20 years, 40% of Nova Scotia’s population will be 55 years or older. In the next five years as these workers retire, Nova Scotia expects up to 68,000 job openings.