Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council

Calgary’s employers are looking for the best available skilled and professional employees to help them address significant workforce needs. The Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) has identified local skilled immigrants as an under-employed talent pool ready, willing and able to become a vital component of the region’s workforce. ALLIES has awarded CRIEC start-up grants to help build pathways between employers and skilled immigrants.  These pathways encourage the hiring and retention of skilled immigrants commensurate with their respective skills and experience.

CRIEC works towards creating seamless and transparent processes and programs with many stakeholders including employers, immigrant-serving agencies,  post-secondary learning institutions and professional associations. Currently, CRIEC is working with business leaders and community partners to build an over-arching mentoring model that will coordinate and support mentorship programs across the city for the benefit of skilled immigrants.

CRIEC employer partners including URS Flint and TD explain how CRIEC has supported their efforts in hiring skilled immigrants.