Delivering Your Programs

You have access to a wide range of toolkits and coaches to implement effective employment solutions for skilled immigrants.

The toolkits, online “how-to guides,” are based on models of successful programs.

Currently, you have access to the following toolkits:

  • Bridging Program
    Discover strategies and tips on bridging program design and delivery, staffing, operational considerations and evaluation.
  • Employer Recognition Program
    Learn about hosting an awards ceremony and building and maintaining media partnerships and sponsorships
  • Establishing an Immigrant Employment Council
    Find out about strategies and successful options for your community to build an immigrant employment council
  • Intergovernmental Relations
    Find out what the benefits and challenges are when establishing intergovernmental coordination that involves participation of all orders of government
  • Internship Program
    Understand how to develop an internship program with strategies and guidance provided about program delivery, funding, managing relationships and communications
  • Loan Program
    Learn about the key elements of a successful loan program, including best practices and various options to implement a loan program in your community
  • Mentoring
    Receive a comprehensive overview of the “nuts and bolts” of a successful mentoring model, including building partnerships, program delivery, and operational issues
  • Mentoring Technology (available only in pdf)
    Assess how technology can help your mentoring program and transition your initiative online so you can streamline processes, capture and highlight success stories and measure impact

Group Mentoring Toolkits
Learn how to develop and successfully manage your own group mentoring program with these practical and strategic toolkits. These toolkits have been developed by JVS Toronto

  • Group Mentoring Program Administration Toolkit
    This toolkit is a guide for administrators and coordinators who are developing an occupation specific group mentoring program. It provides a step-by-step planning process along with several forms and templates to help develop a successful program
  • Group Mentoring Program – Mentee Toolkit
    This toolkit is designed for the skilled immigrant or mentee who is trying to develop a successful mentoring relationship with their mentor and peers. It provides tips and techniques about growing the relationship and also suggests job search tips.
  • Group Mentoring Program – Mentor Toolkit
    This toolkit is designed for the professional or mentor who is trying to nurture a successful mentoring relationship with their mentees. It provides a number of resources, including guides on setting meeting agendas, so they can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the mentees in the group.